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How to check Jio Balance, Plan Validity and Data Usage?

How to check Jio Balance

The most successful and well-liked telecom provider in India is Jio. The corporation will own roughly 36.0 percent of the market in 2021, as should be the case. On September 5, 2016, Jio first introduced its 4G LTE service, giving members access to limitless free voice calls and data.

Prior to Jio, other service providers including Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, and BSNL overcharged for 4G data and calls. Jio revolutionized the telecom industry and nearly eliminated competition. Customers’ cellular bills were cut by 70% as a result of the fierce competition.

The perks of Jio data bundles are well known, but a typical question among Jio users is how to check Jio balance. Smartphone users can set a data restriction on their Jio mobiles via Settings to avoid exceeding the data limit allocated to their mobile plan. You may also check your Jio data balance whenever you disconnect from mobile data since you will receive an SMS indicating how much data you used.

How to check Jio Balance?

We describe how to check your Jio balance data, both prepaid and postpaid, in this section.

  • Checking Jio balance through IVR

  1. Dial *333# to check your Jio main balance.
  2. On the screen, your Jio balance will be shown.
  • How to check Jio balance via SMS?

  1. Sending an SMS with the keyword MBAL to 55333 is another option to check your Jio balance.
  2. Your Jio balance information will be sent to you by SMS on your number. You won’t be charged for the service, as it is free.
  • How to check Jio balance via Jio app?

  1. Install the MyJio app.
  2. After logging in, you can view your Jio balance, active plan details, and remaining data balance on the homepage.
  3. Tap the Check Usage icon for additional information.
  • How to check Jio balance via website?

  1. Enter into your browser and sign in using your phone number.
  2. Check Jio balance appears at the top of the page after logging in.
  3. Go to the My Plans area to check the validity of your Jio data package.

How to check Jio prepaid balance and validity?

  1. Send an SMS — BAL to 199 to find out your Jio balance for a prepaid number.
  2. You will receive an SMS containing your Jio prepaid balance and the expiry of the pack you are currently using on your phone.

How to check Jio postpaid balance?

  1. Send an SMS — BILL to 199 to find out your Jio balance for a postpaid number.
  2. You will receive an SMS on your phone with the amount of your Jio postpaid balance that will be debited.

How to check the Jio tariff plan?

  1. Send an SMS — MY PLAN to 199 to find out more about the Jio tariff plan to which you are subscribed.
  2. You will receive an SMS with the information of the Jio tariff plan you are already using.

How to check Jio Balance on Call?

  1. Call Jio Customer Care Service at 1800 889 9999 or 1991 from your Jio number.
  2. You will be asked to choose your preferred language on the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) machine, such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kannada, and so on.
  3. Choose a language that you are competent with and press the appropriate key.
  4. Now, the IVR machine will inform you of your daily Data balance and the validity of your plan.

What is the minimum Jio recharge plan to extend validity?

A Jio customer must choose the minimum Rs. 155 package, which includes 28 days, unlimited phone calls, and 2 GB of mobile internet. You can even acquire this plan for a long time (84 days or more) and save money on it.

Useful USSD codes and SMS numbers for Jio:

You can save the following Important SMS messages for later use.

  • Dial *1# to find out my Jio number, or use this option.
  • Dial *333# to check Talktime/balance.
  • Send sms MBAL to 55333 to check your 4G data use.
  • Send sms BAL to 199 to check the prepaid balance and validity.
  • Send sms BILL to 199 to receive the current bill’s amount.
  • Send sms MYPLAN to 199 to check the current tariff plan.
  • Send sms START to 1925 or call 1925 to activate 4G data.
  • Use the MyJio app to check your balance.
  • To activate your Jio Caller Tune, dial *333*3*1*1#
  • To deactivate your Jio Caller Tune, dial *333*3*1*2#
  • Send sms TARIFF to 191 to check the call rate.
  • Send sms JIO to 199 to know your JioFi device’s number.

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