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How to check your Airtel Number and Data Balance?

How to check your Airtel Number

How to check my Airtel Number?

Bharti Airtel is one of India’s largest telecom companies. The telecommunications company has a strong footprint across the country. In the country, the corporation provides strong customer service as well as stable 4G networks. While most of you have undoubtedly memorized their phone numbers, there may be times when you forget. It could be a secondary phone number you rarely use, or it could be a new cell number you’ve recently switched to.

Airtel provides a myriad of methods for quickly determining your cellphone number. If you have internet connectivity, you can look up the number using the Airtel Thanks app. You can also use USSD codes, which simply involve calling a certain code. In fact, USSD codes allow you to check several things such as balance, data, validity, and more.

So, if you’ve forgotten your Airtel cellphone number, we’ve put together this method to help you find it quickly.

Use the USSD code to check your Airtel mobile number

This is the most basic method for finding your mobile number.

  1. Insert your SIM card into your phone.
  2. Check to see if your Airtel SIM card has been activated.
  3. Open the phone dialer app and enter the USSD code *282# before pressing the call button.
  4. On your mobile phone screen, you will notice a flash message with your airtel number that says, “Hi, Your Mobile no. is: xxxxxxxxxx.” Make a note of your mobile number.

Use another USSD code to check your Airtel Mobile Number

This method is identical to the one described previously.

However, you will carry out the procedure using a different code.

  1. Insert your phone’s activated Airtel SIM card.
  2. Launch the Mobile Phone App.
  3. *121*1# is the USSD code.

You will receive a flash message with a special offer immediately after dialing this USSD number; click OK on it. You will receive another flash message with your Airtel mobile number within a few seconds.

Use Customer Support to know your Airtel Number

  1. On your mobile phone, enter the USSD code 121 or 198.
  2. The call will connect you to Airtel Customer Service.
  3. Select Option 1 for “Mobile Services.”
  4. You will hear the IRV telling you about your mobile number, balance, data balance, and the validity of your balance.

Use MyAirtel App to check your Airtel Number

  1. Install MyAirtel App after downloading it from Google Play Store.
  2. Go to the home page of the MyAirtel Mobile App.

You will have access to your Airtel number, SIM card plans, data balance, and other information.

How to activate Airtel Sim?

Users should purchase a 4G SIM and confirm the easy activation process. Additionally, the identical procedure must be done by both new users and those choosing MNP (Mobile Number Portability). Users with an Airtel 4G SIM can make HD-quality voice calls. A free Airtel 4G SIM upgrade is available.

The actions you can take to activate a 4G Airtel SIM are listed below:

  1. SMS the 20-digit SIM number from your existing Airtel number to 121.
  2. Respond with a ‘1’ to confirm the request.
  3. Wait for your phone to be removed from the network.
  4. Remove the old SIM and insert the new SIM into the slot.
  5. Wait 5 minutes after turning on the phone.
  6. Your new 4G Airtel SIM card is now Activated.

You do not need to change your phone number during the activation process for the 4G SIM. You can upgrade your SIM card at any Airtel store.

A fresh SIM card takes about 1 to 2 hours to activate. However, if you use MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and switch from prepaid or postpaid to Airtel, activation will take 7 to 8 days.

How to set caller tune in Airtel?

Airtel provides a variety of value-added services to its customers, including caller tones. In reality, Airtel refers to this as Hello Tunes. When you set the caller tune/hello tune, your callers will hear it instead of the ring tone until you answer the call. If you have an unlimited subscription, you can change the caller music for free. Other subscribers will have to pay a monthly fee of Rs. 19 to use this service.

To set the caller tune on your Airtel number, you must first download the Wynk Music App from Google Play or the App Store on your mobile phone.

  1. To sign up for this app, provide your phone number and a one-time password (OTP).
  2. Return to the home screen and select Airtel Hello Tunes from the top right corner.
  3. Look through the collection of tunes and songs and select the one you want to use as the caller tune on your Airtel mobile number.
  4. Tap on the song you want to listen to, then click the free button.
  5. You’ve now set your Airtel caller tune.

This will be good for 30 days after activation. If you are an unlimited plan customer, you can renew the caller tune free of cost.

If you want to disable the caller tune in Airtel, you have to follow same process in your mobile App:

  1. To disable the caller tune in Airtel, open the Wynk Music app.
  2. Tap on the menu in the upper left corner.
  3. Navigate to ‘Manage Hello Tunes,’ then press on the three-dot menu next to the current hello tune.
  4. Go to ‘Stop Hellotune’ and then ‘Done’ to finish the process, and the caller tune you had set is now disabled.

How to check Airtel data Balance?

Airtel offers a variety of features to make their services more convenient and straightforward. You can recharge your account and check your Airtel data balance without going to a recharge shop.

The step-by-step guide will show you how to check your Airtel data balance.

  • Check Airtel Data Balance on iPhone or Android Phone

  1. Go to Google Play Store if you are Android User or visit App Store if you are an iPhone user.
  2. Download MyAirtel App.
  3. Check your data usage, offers and plans in your App.
  • Check Airtel data balance via Airtel self-care service

  1. Go to for Airtel Self-care assistance.
  2. Type your mobile phone number and log in using the OTP (one-time password) issued to your phone.
  3. On the self-care service dashboard, you will now see the airtel main balance and data balance.
  • Check Airtel data balance via USSD Code

  1. To check the calling balance and validity of your Airtel mobile number, dial *123#.
  2. To check Airtel 3G/4G net balance using Airtel codes, dial *121# and enter 5.

These codes will inform you of the balance and validity of your data. These Airtel USSD codes can be used to find out about your data balance, main balance, and other Airtel services.

  • Airtel’s own cellphone number verification code

  1. *121*1# or *121*9# or *121*2#
  2. *121*2# is the Airtel main balance check code.

Other USSD Code for Airtel Sim

There are other USSD codes that are compatible with your Airtel Sim. To make things easier, we’ve collected a list of all the USSD codes you’ll need to know:

S/NMost Important Airtel USSD CodesShort Code to Dial
1Airtel Balance Check*123#
2Airtel Number Check*282#
3Airtel 4G Data Balance Check*121*2# & Reply With ‘1’ or dial *121#
4Airtel Customer Care Number198
5Airtel Complain Number121
6Airtel talk time loan code*141# or call 52141
7Airtel data loan code*141# or call 52141
8Airtel Miss call alert service*888#
9Check Airtel Unlimited Packs*121*1#
10Airtel Offers Check*121#
11Airtel voice or roaming packs*222#
12Airtel Plan Validity Check*123#
13Airtel Data Charges Check*121*7*5#
14Airtel Postpaid Current Plan CheckSMS “BP” To 121
15Airtel Postpaid Due/Pending Amount CheckSMS “OT” To 121
16Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment CheckSMS “PMT” To 121
17Airtel Postpaid Current Plan Usage CheckSMS “UNB” To 121

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