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Featured Snippet Algorithm Update 22th January, 2020

Recently Google has announced some major updates that will affect the SEO tactics for the digital marketer.

On January 22, 2020, Google has announced that URLs in featured snippets would no longer effective in search engine.  It would no longer be appearing as a traditional organic result on Google search engine. As per previous Google’s strategy, Feature snippet is the most important part that is prompted organic result. After this, it will not appear in SERP.

This updates will affect some other major points as per the SEO point of view:

  1. Zero-positioning is dead now and it may be possible that most of the educational websites that were ranked because of zero-positioning content may get the rank-1 now or de-rank. So if you are not coming on rank 1 on SERP, you have to work more to get rank on Page 1 rather than working on zero positioning content.
  2. Now Google sees the Featured snippet content as organic content.
  3. Google removes those URLs from showing in the search results that were displaying in featured snippet previously.
  4. Top stories, images, carousels, local listing and other search integration are not de-duplicated if these are not part of a featured snippet.
  5. The right side featured snippet were de-duplicated, are not now.
  6. De-duplication of URLs has been rolled out now.
  7. It does not affect your search console performance reports.
  8. FAQ Schema will not be more effective for SEO now where it only will help to provide information.

These all updates will change the SEO in 2020 as many were taking featured snippet as more effective ranking technique. Google can place your featured snippet content in organic content in place of Meta description or vice-versa. So now it is also very important that which content should be taken as organic content by Google if you have already added both in your pages. For this, No snippet or max snippet tags will help you to improve the ranking on organic content. SO TRY AND CHECK what is going on with your pages for SERP… STAY UPDATED … Thanks !!!

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