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Basics of Social Media Marketing

Today, everyone is familiar with social media, as they all have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and other sites. However, not everyone understands how to use Social Media Marketing for branding, lead creation, or traffic generation.

“Social media marketing” is the process by which we obtain traffic and leads from users of various social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

basics of social media marketing

However, the strategy or plan to use social media marketing should vary depending on the social networking website’s platform and instructions. There are a huge number of well-known social networking sites available online, including:

Top Social Media Marketing Platforms

Social media marketing is entirely dependent on the engagement, themes, and materials that you provide to your followers or subscribers. You will never obtain more reach and interaction on your social media platforms if your topics are not up to date.

Most people begin their social media page or profile with extremely entertaining topics in order to gain followers, likes, or subscribers, and after they have a large enough audience, they change it into business pages with a variety of topics. It is an excellent strategy?  NO, it’s not a smart idea, and you potentially lose the page’s interaction and audience when you convert it to a commercial page. The reason is straightforward. The audiences you’ve reached with past themes want to see the same topics and information, and your current topic has piqued their interest. Furthermore, if they have distinct interests, this type of audience would never enjoy your business. You will eventually lose the engagement and traffic you got previously.

So, what we need to do is create a page or profile for the future topic or business that you have designed. We are giving some strategic suggestions that can assist you in reaching your target market.

Steps to follow for better social media engagement

  1. First, create some posts with various content and topics to determine what type of posts your target audience wants to see.
  2. When you have an idea for a post that will pique the interest of your audience, make it live on a regular basis and at the same time when you are seeing the best results. This is easily accessible through your insights pages.
  3. Share posts from related groups to increase traffic to those communities. Select public groups to share your post with.
  4. Don’t share on more than 4-5 Facebook groups every day; you may be temporarily banned due to Facebook restrictions. Choose a group where you can simply approve posts and receive engagement.
  5. Share posts from other social media networks to enhance traffic and audience size. To manage your social media account and analyse the performance of your posts, you can utilise social media tools like as Zohosocial, buffer, TweetDeck, or SproutSocial.
  6. You may receive less involvement at first. To improve this, you can utilize sponsored social media platform services to increase post interaction. Facebook advertisements and Twitter ads can help you achieve immediate interaction and traffic.
  7. Connect your topic to current social media trends. Make a post about a trending topic; this will help you rank your post.
  8. To increase engagement, use memes, videos, and images at random. Users usually respond to these types of posts.
  9. To enhance CTR on your post, create an alternative poll. Add these to your Facebook and Instagram stories.
  10. YouTube is the best platform for engaging and growing your audience. Make videos and include links to them in your social media postings.
  11. Incorporate trendy hashtags into your message. Don’t use too many hashtags in a single post. It is preferable to post 2-3 times every day with different hashtags.
  12. If you have good PR activities, you can ask others to share your sites and posts, which will help you reach the most people.

I hope it helps you understand social media marketing and some basic rules for increasing engagement on your social media platforms.

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