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What is Ego Bait Content? How does it work, Types and benefits of using Ego Bait Content.

What is Ego Bait Content

One of the tactics that will keep you away from the tedious (same old) link-building techniques while also providing you with a quality backlink is the creation of ego bait content. Ego bait content is a vastly underutilized link-building strategy that only a few SEO experts use or discuss.

Ego bait content, on the other hand, can work wonders for your website if used properly. Additionally, it offers you a chance to connect with key influencers in your industry. if you want to learn about a fresh, yet powerful link-building strategy, this blog will be useful.

What is Ego Bait Content?

Ego bait content is a strategy in which a piece of content is written particularly with the intention of attracting a certain individual, especially an influencer.

The objective is to develop a blog post that could draw the influencer himself when you have an influencer in mind whom you want to link from. In contrast to other link-building techniques, ego bait content is prepared for a small audience of targeted readers.

How does Ego Bait content work?

You may easily obtain important exposure to corporate leaders or influencers by using ego baits. They also give you the opportunity to work closely with the influencers. You can gain respect by using ego baiting stuff.

There’s a good chance that some of an influencer’s followers may repost or reshare some of your ego baiting content when they see it. You will always receive much more as a result of this strategy than you could have imagined.

Types of Ego Bait Content

Depending on whom you’re trying to reach, you should decide which ego bait content type to deploy. Thoughtful and personal posts of this nature must always keep your target audience in mind. Several of the more popular ego bait pieces are as follows:

  • Interviews

The easiest strategy to convince the influencer to link back to your website is to do an interview with him and publish it as a blog. Everyone enjoys being the center of attention, and an interview is the best way to achieve that.

Try mentioning the influencer’s professional background and life achievements while publishing the interview. To make your material more comprehensive and informative, you can also write about the influencer’s life.

  • Directories

While building directories might be difficult because you need to gather a lot of information and create a brand-new platform, it helps you foster positive relationships with local enterprises.

In short, you can make a directory of all local businesses if they rely on local clients for their revenue. Businesses will begin driving continuous traffic to their websites as soon as they create a presence on the directory. They’ll happily offer you a backlink in exchange.

  • Awards

Awards are the most effective approach for an influencer to generate ego bait content. The best method for producing ego bait content for an influencer is through awards.

Additionally, it is not required that the prize be a physical product. It might be as straightforward as the influencer and his brand being highlighted in a post. But because you want to talk about the aspects (about the influencer) that helped you manage your business in this scenario, you’ll need to do an in-depth study.

Remember that an article on an award that was written just to get a backlink might not work in this situation. Investigate further and assess the advantages/expertise of the influencer whom you believe can benefit others.

  • Guest Posts

For a very long time, guest blogs have served as ego bait content. Guest articles that provide visitors with useful and insightful information have always done well as a popular and sought-after ego bait content form. You may create ego bait material that is genuinely valuable, distinctive, and helpful by taking advice from professionals and influencers in your sector. They are knowledgeable about the needs of their target audience and can provide you with ideas that you can put into practice. It could be a brand-new perspective or strategy. The more important advantage is that you will draw followers of the expert/influencer who follow them religiously to your website.

  • Infographics

Because of their engaging visuals, infographics are a top-rated informational source that people enjoy using. The brain will be stimulated by the usage of graphics in the form of visuals and vibrant features. People use infographics to share information because they are visually appealing and provide easily accessible information. Infographics are easily disseminated and a seamless component of a well-thought-out ego bait approach. Infographics allow you to view statistics in a visually pleasing format.

  • Listicles

Listicles are pieces of writing that include a specific list. Top 10 Google Ranking Factors, as an example. A listicle can be published, which is another powerful method for producing ego bait content. You can publish an article about the leading influencers in your niche while simultaneously producing an ego bait listicle.

You can put the name of the influencer you want to get a link from at the top if you just have one in mind. This will motivate them to share your article with their audience by linking to it.

Benefits of Ego Bait Content

Here are a few benefits that ego bait content will have:

Extensive Promotion

You will receive additional outstanding attention when the influencers and their fans spread your ego bait content via their social media profiles or emails. Additionally, it might be mentioned in news releases and roundups. To a large extent, you get promoted.

Receiving More Backlinks

You will get more links as you receive more and more shares. Your website will be more visible as a result. Top influencers’ shares may also help you get high-authority links from reliable websites. Google will rank your site higher for user queries as a result, increasing its authority and trustworthiness.

Improved Traffic and Brand Awareness

Higher visibility and more shares result in more traffic and leads, which in turn lead to more conversions and a higher return on investment.

Building Credibility

Gaining the trust of the influencer and their followers also helps in building your brand reputation.

Provides a Base for a Sales Conversation

The ego baiting content, such as press releases, roundups, and reference sites, gives your sales team a solid place to start. They have a good cause to get in touch with the public and inform them that an article has mentioned your brand.

Ego bait content can benefit your company’s outreach in a number of ways while also improving SEO traffic and, more significantly, establishing authority and trust.


The process of creating ego bait content has many advantages. It will help you build a strong network in your industry while also improving your backlink profile. You and the other party can both gain from using ego bait information. Ego bait content will give you a special chance to generate high-quality backlinks and support higher website Google ranks in the crowd of the same old link-building techniques.

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