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What is Digital Marketing and its processes

Do you have any knowledge of how digital marketing for any kind of company, services, or goods operates? Not to worry. We’re here to explain what digital marketing is and how to apply it effectively for better outcomes step by step. Let’s start.

We must first understand what digital marketing is and how it differs from internet marketing before we can begin studying the processes involved.

What is Digital Marketing

Most of the persons always confuse digital marketing and internet marketing. Many think it’s same but NO, it’s totally different from each other.
When we do all or some of marketing activities over the internet using DIGITAL DEVICES like laptops, desktop, phone, tablets or any digital devices, it’s called Digital Marketing.
We are giving you some examples to make your mind clear for digital marketing.

1. Suppose if you are using your phone to send the SMS for marketing purpose or you are promoting your services by SMS.
2. If you send an email to anyone or to your customers for new business or services launch, for a new product launch or for giving the information about your upcoming sale or offers.
3. If you promote your products by using ads on TV.

All the above examples come under digital marketing because, in all examples, we are using digital devices like phone, desktops or TV for our marketing activities.

What is Internet Marketing

In internet marketing, we promote or do all marketing activities by the only internet. Means if you send a promotional email, it comes under internet marketing as well as under the digital marketing. But if you are sending a promotional SMS by phone, It doesn’t come under Internet marketing but it belongs to Digital Marketing.

I think it’s enough to make you clear about digital marketing and internet marketing. Now, we will discuss how we can use digital marketing for our business, services or products.

Digital Marketing processes

Basically Digital Marketing has 6 major steps or processes by which we can understand how digital marketing works and flow with one to another process. So let’s discuss its process now:

  • Visibility

It basically belongs to audiences. Visibility is the process in which we show our business, services or products in front of targeted audiences through different digital marketing activities. Suppose if we have IT services based company and we have a website of this. TO get the business leads, it is important that if anyone searches for IT services, our website should be visible in front of the user to convert them into a lead. If Your website is not visible on the search engine, you will not get any leads online. SO for a better result or for business leads, our business should have better VISIBILITY on the search engines.

  • Bringing Targeted Traffic

For better result in online marketing, it is necessary that our audiences should be targeted. Suppose if we have IT services Business, and our website is getting traffic of persons who are interested in online shopping. So it’s clear that these audiences will never convert into leads for IT services because of different interest. So whenever we start doing digital marketing, our focus should be only for targeted audiences, means who are really interested in our business, services or product. So, we can convert them into profitable business leads. The whole process of BRINGING TARGETED TRAFFIC comes under this section.

  • Engagement

Engagement is the process in which we encourage our visitor to do some activity on our website. We try to engage the visitor to spend some time on our website. Suppose if any visitor comes to our website and leave within a few seconds without doing any activity. It means visitor didn’t get anything for which he had visited. If it happens means we are losing the potential leads who came to our website but didn’t get any interesting. So, for better engagement, our content should be unique, attractive and straight to point. For more engagement, many offer the discount, seasonal offers and sale, new arrivals etc. so that visitors get something engaging that encourage them to do some activities or purchase of our services, products etc.

  • Conversion/ Lead Generation

If any visitor is searching for many products and trying to spend lots of time to search better offers, products or services on our website. it means the visitor is very much interested in your business. To convert these visitors into a business leads, we offer them some discounts, offers or seasonal off to encourage them for purchasing the product or services.

  • Measurement

In this section of the process, we track, measure and do analysis the performance of our online marketing activities. Also, we understand the behaviour of traffic and check the performance of our webpages. This measurement is done through a tool known as google analytics.

  • Retention

In the retention process, we try to create engaged customers or visitors that return on our website to purchase or take our services again. To increase the retention ratio, we do some marketing activities again known as re-marketing. In the re-marketing, we can offer something great that forces our previous customers to visit our website again and make some purchase there. For examples, some seasonal sales, discounts and extra benefits with products or services these are some best examples to convert our customers into potential leads from time to time.

That’s it… it is complete digital marketing process model on which our whole digital marketing works. Some steps can be different as per services, business or product. For more better understanding, you can try to implement these activities for any product or services, after that you will get more innovative ideas to make your digital marketing process better for maximum profits.

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